Janey Robbins – Vintage lesbian tube

Janey Robbins - Vintage lesbian tube

Name: True Crimes of Passion

Director: Kim Christy

Year: 1983

Duration: 133 min

Language: English

Country: United States

Actress: Janey Robbins,Kim Christy

Actors: Leo Ford,Kim Christy,Carnal Candy,Johnny Canada

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Janey Robbins - Vintage lesbian tube

Janey Robbins is known as one of the most sexually aggressive and decadently desirable women to hit the porn scene in the 80s. Here she stars as detective B.J. Fondel, who tries to solve a tantalizing trio of sex-related crimes. The first case involves a woman, married to a preacher but living a second life as a dominitrix with her own personal sex serf. In her next case Janey’s searching for a transsexual killer who turns out to be her best friend’s new maid. In her final foray, Janey gets so worked up that she needs to be serviced by both of the guys she’s trying to track down! In the end, Janey uses her voluptuous figure to round up all the carnal criminals in this amorous adventure tale


Vintage lesbian tube – “Il gioco di Jenna”

Name: Il gioco di Jenna

Duration: 73 min

Year: 1995

Language: English

Country: United States

Director: Layne Parker

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Actress: Ashlyn Gere,Anna Malle,Jenna Jameson,Felecia,Dallas

Actors: Tom Byron,Alex Sanders,Bobby Vitale,Hank Armstrong

The genre movie “Quicky Line 49 – Mandy In Aktion” (Cat.No.QL-49) was released by VIOLA in 1988. Reminds me a lot of her Undercover stuff, but haven´t found the corresponding cover yet. The movie is just 30 min long, but contains two early performances of Dolly. At first we see her in a solo scene changing the lingerie from black to red, but getting dirty quite soon treating her pussy with a hammer, continuing with hot sports action and finally fisting herself. In the second scene we see Dolly getting fisted by Conny Carr as well as in a hot foursome receiving a great facial in the end. Both scenes intercut and have direct German sound.


Vintage lesbian tube – “Hot Tails”

Name: Hot Tails

Director: Alexander Craig

Duration: 64 min

Year: 1984

Language: English

Country: United States

Actors: Ron Jeremy,Marc Wallace,Steve Drake,Steve Powers,Sunny Glick,Rick Cassidy

Actress: Amber Lynn,Bunny Bleu,Donna Marie,Summer Rose,Ali Moore,Beverly Bliss,Melanie Scott,Debra Lynn

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This awesome 1980s porn movie is a story of two college friends who meet to talk about their mutual friends and to remember the most exciting things they’ve been through together. These gorgeous blondes have a lot to discuss! Their careless college years were full of thrilling sex adventures including lesbian and group sex, unforgettable blowjobs and so much more. Besides, they have a lot of great sex stories about their friends to tell. The cast of this steamy vintage porn movie is really impressive. With stars like Bunny Bleu, Beverly Bliss, Ron Jeremy, Amber Lynn, Marc Wallice and Rick Cassidy this video is an absolute must-see.


Vintage lesbian tube in “Keisha Collection”

Name: Keisha Collection

Year: 1993

Duration: 120 min

Language: English


Country: United States

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Actors: Peter North,Randy West,Eric Edwards,Steve Drake,Rick Savage,Chuck Martin,David Morris,Ted Williams

Actress: Keisha,Stacey Donovan,Alicia Monet,Sheena Horne,Brittany Morgan,Rosemarie,Leslie Winston

Bra busting Latina Keisha starting fucking on screen in the mid 80’s and is still a popular and in demand star of adult entertainment today. See where it all began as cute Keisha appears with Leslie Winston, Rose Marie, Peter North and Tony "the Hook" Perez. This 2 hour collection is not only a must have for die hard 80’s porn fans, but for anyone who doesn’t mind seeing a gorgeous cute Latina with nice big tits get fucked by a host of horny sluts and studs!


Danielle Rodgers – Vintage lesbian tube

Name: Heart To Heart

Director: Scotty Fox

Year: 1991

Language: English

Country: United States

Duration: 75 min

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Actress: Danielle Rodgers,Tiara,Devon Shire

Actors: Tom Byron,Marc Wallace,Randy Spears

Danielle Rodgers - Vintage lesbian tube


Lois Ayers – Latina classic porn videos

Lois Ayers - Latina classic porn videos

Name: Kiss Of The Dragon Lady

Language: English

Country: United States

Director: Kurt Nelson

Duration: 81 min

Year: 1986

Actors: Peter North,Steve Drake,Frank James,Greg Derek

Actress: Lois Ayers,Elle Rio,Kari Foxx,Brittany Stryker

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Lois Ayers - Latina classic porn videos

Excellent videography, particularly in the outdoor scenes aboard the yacht, really add a touch of class to Kiss of the Dragon Lady. However, the sex and the storyline are typical of today’s shot-on-video genre: inane dialog and the same old in-and-out. Lois Ayres stars as a fiction writer on deadline for a New York magazine. Her latest story is about an ancient sea stranger who surfaces for air once every 10 years. This is the story we get to see. The stranger is played by Elle Rio, and she is far from anything like the Stranger From the Black Lagoon. This sexual dynamo is in two scenes and both are the best in the video. The first is a lesbian number with cute Kari Foxx. When Rio emerges from the water for the first time in a decade, she catches Foxx sunning herself aboard a yacht and climbs aboard for some fun. And who can blame her! Foxx looks great here, and she even does a heterosexual scene without boyfriend Troy Tanier (could this be the end of the Tanier/Foxx Connection? I hope so!). Rio’s other hot scene is with Ayres, Peter North and Frank James. There’s an interesting plot twist here about fiction becoming reality, and we are treated to seeing Rio and Ayres working on two of the bigger guys in porn. Brittany Stryker also looks good, and displays some great oral sdestroys in a below-deck session with James.